Is there anything in this world that's better than a mimosa?

Okay, okay, there may be a few things. But it's pretty high up there, in my humble opinion. I mean, delicious juice combined with fizzy champagne? What's not to love??

Mimosas are particularly perfect to enjoy for Mother's Day. They're delicious, celebratory, and a great addition to any Mother's Day brunch. So, whether you're a mama or just wanting to celebrate your mama in May, read on for how to create a DIY mimosa bar, for classy, fun, and creative mimosas in the comfort of your own home.

What's a DIY Mimosa Bar?

glass of mimosa with orange slice

A DIY mimosa bar may not be a familiar concept for all. It's basically a fancy (but super easy) setup that provides a variety of options for juice, champagne or prosecco, and fresh fruit or other garnishes. This allows mimosa-enjoyers to create their own mimosas, get fancy and fun, and celebrate with a festive flourish.

If you've never tried creating your own DIY mimosa bar, you're definitely past due on giving it a whirl!

Mimosa Bar 101: The Champagne

champagne bottle pouring into glasses

Just like with every part of the DIY mimosa bar, the choice of champagne(s) is really up to you. In fact, you don't even need to choose champagne per se—just something bubbly. So, pick out some champagne, prosecco, or cava.

If you're a bubbly snob, you can spring for the expensive stuff. But a lot of mimosa experts will advise you to stay on the cheaper end for mimosa bubbly. It'll be mixed with other things, after all. Not worth spending a ton of money on sparkling wine when juice will be half the show!

We are big fans of Archer Roose. They make a delicious collection of wines in on-the-go packaging that is very planet-friendly. Their bubbly is pretty damn perfect for mimosas. It's a prosecco from Veneto, Italy, which is wonderfully tasty, frothy, fruity, and easy on the wallet. Get a half case for $49 or a full case for $95. Definitely worth a try!

In terms of bubbly amount, the standard for mimosas is that a 750 ml bottle of sparkling wine will get you about six to eight mimosas. So, depending on the size of your DIY mimosa gathering, plan accordingly.

Mimosa Bar 101: The Juice

oranges with orange juice

Too often, we limit ourselves to orange juice when we're making mimosas. And, while the classic orange juice and bubbly combo is undoubtedly delicious, it's worthwhile to branch out and play around with other combinations.

Some other options worth trying (and offering at your DIY mimosa bar) are peach pureé or nectar, pomegranate juice, watermelon juice, strawberry juice, mango juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, grape juice, lemonade, and raspberry juice. Offer a couple of them, several of them, or all of them at your mimosa bar. Definitely depends on the crowd, but best practice is to always have twice as much orange juice as the other types of juices, to make sure there's enough of the traditional combo to go around.

If you're looking to get real fancy (and impress the heck out of your guests), consider squeezing your own juice! Store-bought orange juice doesn't even come close to fresh-squeezed orange juice, so it might well be more than worth it to put in the effort with some fresh, juicy oranges.

In terms of amounts, you pretty much can't have too much juice for a mimosa bar brunch party. Some guests might not drink champagne at all and just stick with juice. Others might switch to juice eventually, after they've had one too many boozy mimosas. So, make sure you have more than enough juice to go around!

Mimosa Bar 101: The Extras

raspberries blackberries blueberries

One of the best parts of a DIY mimosa bar is the "extras." Mimosas are festive and fun enough on their own. But why not add to that with some garnishes and extra flourishes?

There are all kinds of ways to jazz up a mimosa. You're more than welcome to get creative with it and play around with what you like. But here are some ideas for garnishes to add to your bubbly cocktail: orange slices, fresh herbs (basil, mint, rosemary sprigs, etc.), blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, pomegranate seeds, kiwi rounds, pineapple wedges, candied ginger, edible flowers, rock candy sticks, orange peel, pear slices...really, the list goes on! Experiment with fruits, plants, and candies. Use small bowls, ramekins, or other fun serving trays to serve up and display the garnishes.

Another way to spice up a mimosa bar is with your offerings of glasses. The traditional champagne flute is always a lovely way to go—but there are so many other fun options too! Get creative with which kinds of glasses you pull from your cupboard (or even go out and treat yourself to some new mimosa-specific glasses, to have around at every future mimosa party).

Mimosa Bar 101: Make It Your Own

glass of mimosa with strawberry

The rule of a DIY mimosa bar is that there are no rules. Create fun, fancy, creative, or silly set-ups and/or tables for your mimosa bar. Hire a full-on mimosa bartender, be the bartender yourself, or have people just make their own. Use a mimosa bar for different occasions, celebrations, or holidays.

Just get crazy with whatever you can come up with, and have fun with it!

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