It’s safe to say that we’re all a little over the endless cycle of grocery shopping and figuring out what the heck to make for dinner. If you’re tired of spending so much time and mental energy on preparing food, there’s an easy fix that just might do the trick.

EveryPlate is a delicious, affordable meal kit service. Tasty deliveries of ready-to-cook meals make weekly food struggles that much easier to bear. Your taste buds will not be disappointed!

How EveryPlate Works

EveryPlate box with meals

EveryPlate offers 16 recipes every single week. The menu changes weekly, so there’s no getting bored of what's offered. There are a few different plans, including options for the number of people in the household (two or four) and how many meals per week (three, four, or five).

Simply choose a plan and select your meals for that week. A delivery containing ingredients and a recipe card for each selected meal will be shipped promptly.

The meals are only an average of $4.99 per one-person serving, which is easily as cheap if not cheaper than shopping for similar ingredients at the grocery store. It’s also really simple to cancel if and when EveryPlate no longer suits your needs. Easily skip shipments when you'll be out of town.

Oola’s Recommended EveryPlate Meal

EveryPlate coconut chickpea curry

EveryPlate has so many scrumptious recipes to choose from. But for the week of March 20-26, the Creamy Coconut Chickpea Curry looks particularly delish. It’s the perfect combo of spicy flavor and comfort food. It includes chickpeas in a richly spiced, super aromatic mixture of sweet coconut milk, diced tomatoes, curry powder, paprika, and sautéed onion.

Alongside the yummy chickpea curry itself, the recipe calls for some garlicky, fragrant basmati rice, which serves as the base of the meal. Sprinkle some freshly chopped cilantro and thinly sliced chili pepper on top to perfectly complete the meal.

This particular meal kit comes with yellow onion, garlic, a Roma tomato, cilantro, chickpeas, basmati rice, tomato paste, paprika, curry powder, coconut milk, sour cream, and chili pepper. Necessary kitchen staples that are not included are salt, pepper, vegetable oil, butter, and sugar.

Believe it or not, the whole meal takes only 30 minutes to make. It’s also vegetarian and could be made vegan if you just leave out the sour cream and butter or use vegan substitutions. The whole thing is so dang good—and more-than-doable for even the most amateur of at-home chefs.

Dinner and a Movie

two people on a couch watching a movie

Dinner and a movie can be done solo, with roommates or family, or as a cute romantic home date with your S/O. EveryPlate is obviously a great option for the dinner half of dinner and a movie.

What movie pairs well with spicy chickpea curry?: The Big Sick.

A Movie That Pairs Perfectly With Your EveryPlate Meal

If you aren’t already familiar with The Big Sick, it’s written by comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, Emily V. Gordon. Based on their own love story, Kumail (Pakistan-born comedian) and Emily (white American and then-grad student) meet at a comedy club and fall in love.

The catch comes when they realize that they’ve got a bit of a culture clash and that proves to be an uphill battle. Kumail’s parents insist he marry a Pakistani woman. And are trying to rope him into an arranged marriage!

They briefly break up, only to reunite when Emily falls gravely ill and spends weeks in the hospital. We won't spoil the end, but the whole movie is charming, hilarious, romantic, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Curry is a staple of Pakistani cuisine, which is what makes this movie such a good pick for this particular EveryPlate dish. So get ready for an evening of an easy-to-make, tasty, affordable dinner—and a sweet, funny love story that’ll warm your heart.

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