Happy (smelly) Earth Day to you, too.

Protesters shouting “bullshit” while wheelbarrowing loads of cow dung marched to the White House earlier today. Turns out the group comes from the far left instead of the usual suspects of the President’s adversaries.

The bullsh*t was in reference to President Biden’s climate plan. The demonstration was organized by Extinction Rebellion DC, a group of climate activists.

The shitty stunt was meant to show the group’s dissatisfaction with President Biden's climate plan. This latest display is just an example of the non-violent direct actions in which the group draws attention and pressures governments to act justly when it comes to climate change and environmental policy.

Washingtonian Staff Writer Jane Recker captured the Thursday morning demonstration on Twitter. Activists marched behind pink wheelbarrows full of organic compost mix “made up of sheep, horse, llama, and goat poop from a local rescue farm” to the White House before dumping it on the streets of the US Capitol at 17th Street and New York Avenue Northwest.

Google Maps screenshot

“We've elected another president who can't understand science. Like rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic, Biden is fiddling with dates as the world burns. Those travelling 1st class are still enjoying the party too much to hear the cries of those drowning in the decks below.” Extinction Rebellion (@XRebelDC) tweeted today.

Aside from it being Earth Day, the demonstration also took place while Biden held a virtual climate summit with other world leaders.

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