Bringing a dog into your home is an exciting and joyful experience. But adding a puppy to your family is also a huge responsibility. If you are thinking about adopting a fur baby, there's a lot to consider before making such a serious commitment.

Your new best friend will be with you for years to come, and there is a lot more to dog ownership than buying food, treats, and toys. If you are thinking about becoming a first-time dog owner, this guide will help you learn everything you need to know before bringing home your new canine buddy.


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Before you head off to the pound or contact a breeder, you must recognize the commitment that owning a dog requires. Are you ready to spend time and money on your pet? If you're truly ready, the next thing to do is figure out the type of dog that will work best for your lifestyle.

Before you choose a breed, think about the qualities you want in a dog. Make a list of the things you're looking for like size, grooming needs, and temperament. Do you want a puppy who needs your undivided attention? Or maybe an older dog would better fit your lifestyle? Also, if you're a renter, you need to know of any restrictions your landlord might have.

You need to consider all of these things before adoption. If you bring a dog home and then realize you made a poor choice, it can be extremely heartbreaking. When you contact a breeder or visit a pound, don't be afraid to ask questions.

We understand that it can be hard to know in advance which dog is the right one for you. Sometimes, you just lock eyes and it's love at first sight. Just be prepared for what you're getting yourself into.

To make your dog's transition as smooth as possible, buy food, treats, a collar, and a leash before you bring your pup home. Make a schedule of tasks, so everyone knows when it's their turn to feed and water the pup, take him on walks, and give him a bath.

It's also a good idea to dog-proof your house before they arrive. Keep electrical cords out of reach of curious paws, block off areas or rooms that are off limits, and move breakable items to higher ground.

You'll also need to create a comfortable space for your pup. It can be a crate or a dog bed...even a pile of pillows and blankets. Whatever you create, just make sure your pup can easily access it when it's time to rest.

Finding Your Fur Baby

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When you are ready to adopt, it's time to visit an animal shelter or a breeder to find your fur baby. If you have your heart set on a specific breed, talk with your breeder and listen to their suggestions about which puppy in the litter is right for you. If you are rescuing a dog, talk to the workers at the shelter.

When you find the pup that's right for your family, be sure to get all information about the sale or adoption in writing. According to the AKC, the contract should include details about fees, spay-neuter agreements, health guarantees, and instructions on what to do if the dog doesn't work out for you and your family.

Many landlords require dogs to be up to date with their vaccinations, so be sure to get the dog's health records. Take these papers to your vet when you bring your pup in for their first check-up.

Bringing Your Dog Home

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Once you have named your fur baby, it's time to introduce him to your home and family. Chances are, your pup will feel a bit insecure and frightened because of this huge change to his environment. Your dog could also be missing his momma and littermates.

When you first bring your pup home, take him to his new space and show him where to find food and water. Leave him alone for a bit and let the dog explore his new surroundings.

When it's time to introduce the pup to other people, go slowly. You don't want too many hands petting him at once. If you have other pets in the house, they should also be introduced to the dog. They might not get along right off the bat, so give them time to adjust.

Staying Healthy

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Once you've brought your dog home and introduced him to their new space, it's time to choose a method of housetraining. There are a variety of methods to choose from. The key is making sure everyone in your family is consistently enforcing the same method.

You'll also need to set your house rules, so the dog knows what is and isn't appropriate behavior. This training, of course, will take some time. Consider enrolling in a puppy training course so you can get help from a pro. Just remember, the key to puppy training is consistency.

To keep your pup healthy, you'll need to schedule regular Vet check-ups, feed him a healthy diet, make sure he gets plenty of exercise, keep up to date on vaccinations, and get rid of fleas and ticks (collars and meds).

Grooming is also a big part of your pup's overall health. Your dog will need regular baths, their nails clipped, and their teeth cleaned. Therefore, regular grooming appointments are important.

Staying Safe

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To keep your dog safe, make sure they are always wearing an ID tag on their collar with your name, address, and phone number. It's a good idea to get your pup microchipped so you can find him if he gets lost.

In case of emergency, have a disaster plan in place. Put together a kit for your pup that includes clean water, food, and first aid equipment. Also, have an emergency contact for your pup that's a family member or friend who they know, plus a list of general care instructions. This way, in case of illness, hospitalization, or other emergencies, your pup will be taken care of.

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, but the experience is totally worth it. Once you learn the basics, it's time to play and have fun!

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