6 Lupine Collars for Secure Walks With Your Pooch

Lupine Original Designs Dog Collar

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The Lupine Original Designs Dog Collar is a traditional flat collar with a welded steel D-ring for ID tags and easy leash attachment. These bestsellers also have a custom-designed side quick-release buckle from YKK.

The original design collars come in every size from XXS to XXL and are available in three different widths and dozens of designs. The durable woven nylon designs are never printed, so they won't wear off. The collars are machine and hand washable. Yes, they are guaranteed (Even if Chewed)®.

When ordering an original design collar, you'll first select the width. The next step is the color and design, and then you'll choose the neck size. You also have the option of ordering a matching leash.

LupinePet Basic Solids

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If you prefer a more traditional solid color for your dog collar, the LupinePet Basic Solids are a perfect choice for an everyday collar. They are available in seven classic colors and three widths. They come in nine adjustable size ranges, so they will fit any dog.

Made of premium woven nylon, the Basic Solid Collar is durable, washable, and soft to the touch. This collar option features a convenient, strong buckle with an easy slide release, as well as a rust-resistant heavy-duty steel D-ring.

The stitching in this collar is the same as what is commonly used in mountain climbing products, so you know they have superior strength to keep your pooch safe. The Basic Solids collar is also available with a matching leash.

Mighty Paw Martingale Training Collar

Great for Training
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When you are training your pup, a Martingale Training Collar—aka a Greyhound collar—is a great tool to have. These limited-slip training collars are popular to use with dogs that easily back out of their gear.

Just like the regular flat collars, the Martingales come in basic solids and original designs. There are also reflective options, a recycled eco collection, and holiday designs. These collars are made with the same high-quality stitching and strong, soft nylon used for climbing and hiking gear.

They feature a heavy-duty steel D-ring, and the non-slip teeth molded into the nylon plastic tri-glide will always keep the collar at the correct size. Martingale collars are designed for training and leash walking. To keep your pet safe, they should never be left on an unattended or unleashed dog.

LupinePet Step In Dog Harness

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To make walks more enjoyable and safer, the LupinePet Step In Dog Harness has an easy wrap-around style that keeps pressure off the throat. The single buckle over the shoulders makes this harness easy to put on and take off. The adjustable straps on the front, back, and sternum will give this harness a perfect fit every time.

The durable webbing on the step-in harness was originally designed for climbing and hiking gear. If you choose one with a design, they are woven in the webbing for greater durability. These harnesses are available in three different widths and six different size ranges.

Roman Dog Harness

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A Roman Dog Harness is a traditional style harness that also eliminates pressure around the throat area. The adjustable shoulder straps also help to reduce the strain on your pooch's neck and back. No matter how crafty your pooch is, getting out of one of these harnesses is pretty much impossible.

These harnesses are great for added security and control when you're out walking with your dog, which makes them a top choice for dog owners. They are also popular with dog trainers because you can easily clip a leash onto the O-ring on the sternum and use them as a training tool.

The Roman Harness is available in three different widths and seven different size ranges. If your dog is a tweener and you have a hard time finding a size that will fit properly, this harness could be your answer.

Holiday Designs

Cute and Seasonal
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Of course, your pup needs a special collar for the holidays! LupinePet's Holiday Designs are a special edition of flat collars and harnesses that come in special designs. Also available in three widths and six different size ranges, these collars will give your pet a distinctive look with a design that will never wear off.

The options available for this holiday collar are: Turkey Trot, Jack O'Lantern, Special Delivery, Happy Holidays Green, Happy Holidays Red, Let it Snow, Jack Frost, and Shamrock.

These beautiful collars also have matching dog leashes. Both the collars and leashes come with LupinePet's famous Even if Chewed, Lifetime Guarantee.

In addition to collars and harnesses, LupinePet also has accessories like Reflective Slip Leads, Collar Buddies, Leash Couplers, Tag Clips, and Pet ID Tags. They also offer training products. In addition to their Martingale Training Collars, LupinePet also has No-Pull Training Harnesses, Training Tabs, Training Leads, and Slip Leads.

As an added bonus for pet lovers, LupinePet has standard split-ring and buckle-style keychains, as well as lanyards. They are available in Original Designs and Basic Solids so you can match your furry best friend and walk together in style.